National Pork Board helps extend access to Individual Pig Care

Individual Pig Care from Zoetis is a unique education and in-barn training program that helps caregivers assess every pig in every pen, every day.

Spot sickness sooner

Individual Pig Care helps producers raise healthy pigs by helping caregivers spot sickness sooner. When illness is addressed sooner, treatment success and pig well-being is improved.

Responsible antibiotic use

By using the classification system, caregivers can communicate a pig’s condition clearly to managers and veterinarians. This helps veterinarians prescribe the correct product for the pig’s condition.

Safe, high-quality pork

Keeping pigs healthy means they are able to reach their full potential and market demand. When illness is spotted and treated sooner, pigs are able to return to full health sooner.

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As you evaluate your plans and goals, consider how you can improve the health of your pigs and your bottom line by reducing preweaning mortality rates and working more efficiently. For more information on Individual Pig Care, contact your Zoetis representative.