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How Production Managers and Veterinarians use the PigWise app

How Caregivers use the PigWise app

How to use the PigWise web-based dashboard

How PigWise Works

Caregivers tend to the pigs, entering data into the PigWise app as they go.

Data is Saved to a Secure database.

Barn managers & veterinarians can Access the data via a Web-based dashboard.

Zoetis Provides Training and Support, and can Assist in adding Administrators.

PigWise Offers

  • All stakeholders access to real-time data through a web-based dashboard.
  • Caregivers a simpler and intuitive way to input data, such as water consumption, number of sick pigs, and mortality, while in the field.
  • Greater insight into herd health for earlier intervention to optimize results.
  • A record of applied protocols.
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