Walking the pens

Health checks are the most important part of a pig caregiver’s day — and practice makes perfect. Walking the Pens 2.0 is an interactive training and education module that allows users to participate in lessons that provide essential information on pig care. Available in English and Spanish, the training portal provides a risk-free environment forproducers to prepare employees for real scenarios they might encounter.

How it works

Users can participate in any number of lessons that cover topics ranging from barn preparation and starting pigs on feed to identification and treatment of sick pigs. Each lesson portal includes demonstration videos so users can observe proper care techniques in action. To help retain this knowledge, each lesson concludes with a quiz.

Identifying sick pigs

Using antibiotics responsibly on the farm starts with being able to identify signs of illness quickly. Walking the Pens incorporates the Individual Pig Care program from Zoetis to teach users how to identify sick pigs based on a classification system. This classification system can help them better communicate a pig’s condition to their managers or herd veterinarians. Once the lesson is complete, users can practice these techniques in a quiz by classifying sick pigs based on their physical condition.

Training and Education

Proper training and education for caregivers is important to the success of any farm. Zoetis knows training employees can often come with financial and safety challenges. By incorporating Walking the Pens into your onboarding process, new employees can practice daily tasks before they begin completing them in a real-barn environment.


Walking the Pens provides downloadable resources to help keep caregivers organized. From feed budget forms to barn preparation checklists, incorporating these resources into your team’s daily tasks can improve communication and help protect your farm’s bottom line.

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As you evaluate your plans and goals, consider how you can improve the health of your pigs and your bottom line by reducing preweaning mortality rates and working more efficiently. For more information on Walking the Pens, contact your Zoetis representative.